Welcome to the Charity-Aid Web site!
Charity-Aid has been set up by volunteers to help charities raise the funds they so desperately need to help people in unfortunate circumstances. Over the past decade, donations to charities have declined dramatically, leaving many charitable organisation struggling for funding. The emergence of the National Lottery and similar "spare money sponges" have meant that many, many people who used to donate the odd pound or two to a fund collector, now walk past and head towards the Scratch Card stand or the Lottery ticket till.
This has made a huge difference to charities. Money that could be relied on to be donated has now disappeared and the only way left for many is to publicise their causes in the hope that someone will donate. It's not an ideal system, but right now, it all many charities have.

Charity-Aid will try and help with the fund-raising. We try and organise events which will help raise funds for impoverished charities. We are not aligned to any religious organisations, pressure groups or any particular sector of the population. All we want to do is to help charities and people that need our help. If you feel that you can contribute through any activities, please click here.

An epic walk by Mark Newbold, ex Testicular Cancer sufferer. Started in North Wales and ended in South Wales. 200 miles, 7 days, bleeding feet, raised considerable funds for Tenovus. Read Mark's story and details of this event here.

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